domingo, maio 21, 2006

False Memories

"I could have called this book False Memories. Not because I want consciously to tell a lie but because the act of writing proves that there is no deep freeze in the brain were memories are stored intact. On the contrary, the brain seems to hold a reservoir of fragmentary signals that have neither colour, sound, nor taste, waiting for the power of imagination to bring them to life. In a way, this is a blessing. (...)
As I write, I do not feel a compusion to tell the whole truth. It is impossible, however hard one tries, to penetrate into the obscure areas of one's own hidden motivations. Indeed, there are taboos, hang-ups, and areas of obscurity behind this story that I am not exploring, and I certanly do not feel that ralantionships, indescretions, excesses, names of close friends, private angers, family adventures, or debts or gratitude - wich alone could fill a legder - can have a place here, any more than the well-known splendorous and miseries of first nights. (...)"

Brook, Peter (1999) Threads of time, A memoir. United Kingdom: Methuen.


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